Go Beyond the Backyard to rescue grandma's escaped parrot. Click on plants and animals to learn about wildlife native to New England and solve puzzles to progress through each environment. Will you bring Ferdinand home?

Educational point-and-click adventure game made by Devon George, Ellie Liota, and Dan Schumacher while interning at FableVision Studios. Shout out to all our co-workers at FableVision, especially Sarah Ditkoff, Hannah O'Neal, and Mitul Daiyan, who were a huge help throughout the process.


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Aww, this is such a cute plus educational adventure >w<


Alright, I got the three items.

Now what?

The items are used to progress through the story. You can click on an item in your inventory and then on an obstacle in the scene to place the item. If you place them correctly then you're able to advance to additional scenes and eventually rescue Ferdinand.