Help a greedy Kraken gather treasure, survive, and escape this burning barren.

The wall climbing controls are pretty wonky. The trick is to get close to the wall and hit spacebar multiple times without holding any of the arrow keys.

Made in 48 Hours for the first ever GMTK Jam. The theme was "Downwell's Dual Purpose Design".

Artist: Lauren Schumacher

Music Master: Chris Walbert

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The walk animation cycle is amazing; I'm not sure how you're meant to climb up but standing next to a wall and spamming space seemed to do it. Getting to the treasure to the left was fun :D

Can you "win" after finding enough treasure? I got up to 7 then fell out of the map :< Nice work overall :D

Thanks for playing! That's actually exactly how you're supposed to climb up, although it's obviously not implemented very well. And falling out of the map is actually how you win, although it seems I should have communicated that better. :) Glad you enjoyed it!