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Early Access Version 0.6.0

Flinger Tactics is a turn-based strategy sports game where you fling your team of cute creatures to victory! The sport of Flingball is played like a combination of billiards, air hockey, and soccer where you'll fling athletes to break bumpers, tackle opponents, and score goals! As the coach of your squad, each turn you'll need to evaluate the field and determine which fling will bring you closer to victory. Scoring is always a good choice but when you can't you might consider making a substitution, repositioning, or utilizing one of your athlete's unique abilities.

Fling strategically! Each athlete class has a unique shape and ability. Some are defensive and can restore your protective bumpers, while others can frustrate the other team by knocking your opponents unconscious. With each fling you're altering the state of the field and often if you're not careful there will be unintended consequences. Nothing is worse than scoring an own goal!

Fling for fun! The flingers love nothing more than competing in the sport of Flingball! Watch the happiness on their faces as they fling around and react to the results of your fling and listen to their silly quips. Each flinger has a unique personality. Some are optimistic and encouraging, others are pessimistic and unconfident, and of course there's plenty of trash talkers.

Play the way you want! All the rules including athlete, bumper, and ball counts are completely customizable so you can decide the best way to play Flinger Tactics. Each flinger has a unique ability, personality, and appearance and every team that they play for has their own colors, name, and motto for a highly replayable experience.

Compete in tournaments! Play 4, 8, or 16-team tournaments against friends or computer-controlled teams to determine which team is the greatest of them all.

Mess around in Free Play! In this practice mode, there's no turns and no end to the madness. Fling your athletes with reckless abandon and watch the chaos unfold!

Coming soon to Android and iOS!


Flinger Tactics (Mac) v0.5.0.app.zip 53 MB
Flinger Tactics (Windows) v0.5.1.zip 50 MB


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can we play on mobile


I'm currently working on the mobile version and I hope to release it on Android and iOS in early 2020.